Cleaning Your Pool: Broken Glass

Broken glass near or in a pool is a hazard for your family and guests, and cleaning your pool in this event is a delicate process.

Not only is it hard to see in the pool or on the ground, but it’s also difficult to clean in a safe way.

Here are 3 ways we recommend cleaning your pool in the case you have broken glass in your pool.

1. Use a net

Use your pool net to scoop out the large pieces of glass from your pool. You should do this from the outside of your pool. The risk of stepping on the glass as you’re cleaning it up is too high.

You should try to scoop up as much as you can, to avoid large piece getting into your pump.

2. Vacuum

Once you’re sure that there are no more large pieces of glass in the pool, you can start vacuuming the glass out of the pool. You should do this slowly, and make sure you’ve listened for any weird noises that may come from a big piece of glass. If a big piece of glass gets stuck in the pump, you’ll need to call in a professional for help.

3. Drain Your Pool

If the amount of glass requires it, you may have to drain your pool to take care of it.

Turn off your pump and drain your pool. Once the water is gone, you can use a broom to sweep the glass out of the pool.

Draining your pool can be a serious task, and you’ll likely need the help of a professional.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you drain your pool. We service all pools!

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